AWC Global Business Solutions – Committed to the protection of the environment

Statement of policy

At AWC Global Business Solutions we are committed to developing the business operation in accordance with the principle of sustainable development. By identifying the areas we can influence, and making steps towards implementing changes, we aim to ensure we play our part in preserving the environment for future generations.

By its very nature AWC Global Business Solutions is a low carbon company. Many of the systems we build such as e-commerce, e-ticketing and e-billing reduce carbon emissions by reducing waste and travel.

 We fully agree with the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle. We use electronic communications within the organisation and with clients to minimise the use of paper. We are aim to make our booking system paperless and where possible all records will be kept on systems rather than paper files. We recycle paper, vending cups, plastic bottles, toner cartridges and IT equipment.

 We are working to reduce travel to work by adding safe bicycle lockups and promoting car sharing.

 We are working to reduce our emissions at work and have installed energy efficient lighting. Our main office related impact is computer use and central heating.

 We aim to build an integrated approach so that environmental improvements in one area do not have a negative environmental impact on other areas of business operation.

 To regularly provide information and communication to staff to promote an awareness of the Environmental Policy and encourage a sense of environmental responsibility. Where areas for improvement are identified, we will work to implement updates and changes, as necessary.

 Our Staff Travel Policy stipulates that we use public transport to attend meetings, etc. where practicable to keep carbon emissions to a minimum.